Technical Papers

Co-Written by James McCandless, CEO Alternative Fuel Technologies, Inc.
Paper Number Title Date
950061 A New Clean Diesel Technology: Demonstration of ULEV Emissions on a Navistar Engine Fueled with DME 1995
970220 Development of a Novel Fuel Injection System for Dimethyl Ether 1997
2000-01-0687 Development of a Variable Displacement Rail Pump for DME 2000
2001-01-0154 Thermochemical Characteristics of DME-An Alternative Fuel for Compression Engines 2001
2001-01-0652 Development of a Liquid DME Fuel Tank-A Two Fluid Thermodynamic Pump 2001
2002-01-0862 Viscosity & Lubricity of Liquid DME 2002
2003-01-0759 Compression Ignition Delay (Physical & Chemical) of DME-An Alternative Fuel for Compression-Ignition Engines 2003
2004-01-0093 Thermodynamic Properties of DME- An Alternative Fuel for Compression-Ignition Engines 2004
2005-01-1723 Comparative Study of Diesel Fuel and DME Sprays in the Engine 2005
2006-01-0053 Can HD Diesels Fueled with DME Meet US 2007/2010 with Simplified Aftertreatment? 2006

Patent Number Title Date
4,253,435 Diesel Engine & Piston Assembly Therefor (Balanced Pressure Piston) 1981
4,501,138 Dynamic Engine Power Assessment 1984
4,924,838 Charge Air Fuel Cooler 1994
5,079,921 Exhaust Backpressure Control System 1994
5,357,929 Actuation Fluid Pump for a Unit Injector System 1994
5,485,818 DME Powered Engine 1996
5,626,294 DME Powered Engine 1997
5,662,087 Injection Device for an Internal Combustion Engine with Direct Injection 1997
5,816,228 Fuel Injection System for Clean Low Viscosity Fuels (DME) 1998
6,119,664 Fuel Injection System for Clean Low Viscosity Fuels (DME, etc) 2000
6,189,517 Internal Combustion Engine with Low Viscosity Fuel System (DME) 2001
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