• Feed Pump

    Feed Pump: Our fuel system includes a low pressure fuel transfer pump to move fuel from the tank (in liquid phase) to the fuel injection system. The pump is capable of providing 10 bar p at 150 kg/hr flow. We have developed electronic controls for this pump to regulate pressure and pump flow (speed). For laboratory test purposes, we can supply a "black box" that can control the pump via potentiometers. The electronics can also be interfaced with the engine ECM for closed loop control.

  • High Pressure Pump

    High Pressure Pump: Our high pressure pump is a proprietary 5 plunger wobble plate design that is inlet throttled to control flow without the need to spill fuel over a relief valve. It is essentially an infinitely variable displacement pump that can supply fuel at up to 450-500 bar at 135 kg/hr. A redundant mechanical relief valve is incorporated in the pump tp protect the system in case of an inlet throttle valve failure. The pump can be gear or belt driven and easily adapted to most engines.

  • Common Rail

    Common Rail: The common rail is manufactures from alloy steel, seamless tubing. Inlet, outlet and transducer fittings and end caps are machined from the same grade of alloy steel. The partsare tack welded in place and then are furnace brazed together. Following brazing, the rail assembly is heat treated and electroplated to prevent corrosion.

  • Injector

    Injector: Our injector is a proprietary design that uses a special poppet type solenoid to control injection. The injector principle is similar to a diesel common rail in that common rail pressure acts on both ends of the needle when the solenoid is closed. The differential area of the nozzle keeps the needle tightly seated under this condition. When the solenoid is actuated, the pressure from on top of the needle is vented to return and injection begins. A special proprietary feature of the solenoid valve minimizes leakage past the valve when the valve is open.

  • Electronics

    Electronics: AFT does not currently supply electronic controls for the DME injection system. Instead, we rely on the engine manufacturer to supply this equipment, since most engine control systems also interface with other vehicle systems such as the transmission, truck instrument panel and PTO's. If needed, AFT can bring in a 3rd party to provide engine electronics hardware and software that is adequate test cell running and even for prototype vehicle evaluations.