• US Army

    In 2009, AFT received a Phase 1 SBIR contract from the U.S. Army to determine the reliability and durability of a commercial high pressure (29,000 psi) common rail pump running on Jet Propellant 8 (JP-8) fuel. With the option, this contract was valued at about $120,000. The project was successfully completed. In 2010, we received a Phase 2 contract to redesign the commercial fuel pump that was evaluated in Phase 1. The object of this was to significantly lower the wear of the pump. This contract, currently in progress, is valued at $712,000.

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    In 2010, AFT also received a Phase 1 contract and a Phase 1 Option to build & demonstrate an intensified fuel injection system that could run on JP-8 fuel and produce injection pressures of about 40,000 psi. The phase 1 contract was successfully completed in December of 2010, and the Option is underway and should be completed by April. The value of this project was about $120,000. Also in 2010, we were selected for a Phase 2 award to further develop the intensified common rail system for a multi-cylinder engine. This award is currently under negotiation and should be awarded in April, 2011. The anticipated value of this contract is $725,000.

    In 2011, AFT submitted a Phase 1 & Phase 1 option proposal to design and demonstrate ( on JP-8 fuel) a high pressure injection system for a rotary diesel engine. This contract, if we are selected, is valued at about $150,000. If we are successful in this endeavor and are selected for a Phase 2 contract, the total value of the projects is estimated at $1,150,000.

  • Shanghai Diesel Engine Company

    AFT received an order from Shanghai Diesel Engine Company for 12 DME fuel feed pumps. These pumps will be used on ten DME fueled city buses that will operate in Shanghai. Shanghai Diesel Engine Company Limited, through its subsidiaries and associates, engages in the manufacture and sale of diesel engines, fuel injection pumps, and components of diesel engines. Other activities of the group include manufacture and sale of power generators; design, manufacture, and sale of supercharges; design and installation of electrical equipment; manufacture of construction machinery components and mining machinery; development and sale of computer hardware and software; provision of transportation and vehicle maintenance services; and provision of property management service. It primarily operates in the People's Republic of China. Shanghai Diesel Engine Company was established in 1993. As of December 28, 2008, Shanghai Diesel Engine Co. Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of SAIC Motor Corporation Limited. Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation (SAIC) has about 50 plants in the Shanghai area. SAIC makes passenger cars, tractors, motorcycles, trucks, and buses. Its joint venture with General Motors, Shanghai General Motors, makes Buicks and other GM cars for the Chinese market.

  • Korea Institute of Energy Research

    The Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) is a Government entity that focuses on advanced energy research and development projects with the goal of mass implementation and commercialization of efficient, clean energy alternatives.

    In 2010, AFT built and sold four DME feed pumps and two high pressure common rail pumps to KIER for test cell and vehicle development. The value of this business is confidential. In 2011, Kier ordered additional DME fuel system components.

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  • Korea Institute of Energy Research(Name withheld for confidentiality) In 2010, AFT successfully built, tested and delivered a complete DME fuel system for a passenger car diesel. This engine will initially be run on one cylinder for research work, but may later be converted to a four-cylinder operation for further testing and possible vehicle evaluation..