About AFT

For more than 15 years, Alternative Fuel Technologies and its predecessor companies have been engaged in the design and development of dimethyl ether (DME) fuel injection equipment. DME is a clean fuel for diesel engines that will reduce dependence on petroleum, reduce vehicle emissions and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Since our inception, we have developed four generations of common rail fuel systems specifically designed for DME.

    Our system includes:

  • Feed pump: A low-pressure fuel transfer pump to move fuel from the tank to the fuel injection system
  • High Pressure Pump: A proprietary 5 plunger wobble plate design that is inlet throttled to control flow without the need to spill fuel over a relief valve
  • Common Rail: Manufactured from alloy steel, with seamless tubing.
  • Injector: A proprietary design that uses a special poppet-type solenoid to control injection

In addition to DME fuel injection development, AFT is also engaged in the improvement of commercial diesel common rail systems for U.S. military applications. The U.S. military uses JP-8 fuel for all of their engine powered equipment from helicopters to diesel trucks. Modern truck diesel engines equipped with high pressure common rail fuel systems suffer abnormal and unacceptable wear when they are run on a JP-8. AFT is developing a well-known diesel common rail system that is fully compatible with JP-8 jet fuel.

All of our DME systems are designed and built at our research and development facility in Redford, Michigan. We have complete, state-of-the-art CNC machining centers, precision grinding and lapping, and very accurate inspection capabilities.

Take a virtual tour of our facility, or click here to learn more about our products.